Artfully considered and thoughtfully curated for you and the way you live.

A full-service interior design studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, Peruri Design Company specializes in new build construction and renovations, comprehensive design, and effortlessly-layered interiors. Our design team delivers rich, inviting spaces for luxurious, everyday living. 


Founder & Owner

Growing up in India, I recall my grandfather, a textile merchant, unfurling exquisite hand-loomed sarees blended from silk, cotton, and metallic threads. The vivid colors, dynamic prints, and ornate gold embroidery inspired my love for design and craftsmanship.

Fast forward a few decades — this reverence for artisan-made pieces and rich texture has fused with California’s iconic laid-back luxury. The result? A signature style that’s elegant, warm, and bold, yet artfully restrained and carefully curated just for you.

I love partnering with fellow art and design-lovers. Busy professionals who understand the power of a well-designed space, but who are looking for a trusted collaborator to bring a fresh perspective and a streamlined approach. Someone they can trust to develop a cohesive plan and execute a successful project start to finish.

As your designer, I find immense joy in creating a home you’ll cherish for years to come. That’s why I begin each project by asking questions. By listening and learning about your design preferences and daily routines. Because the best homes are tailor-made for the people who inhabit them. From start to finish, our design team translates your desires into layered, deeply personal spaces that work for the way you live.

Our Team

We are an intimate and collaborative team, bringing together a diverse set of skills and perspectives. From design and project management to a vetted network of expert trades and contractors, we’re in your corner to ensure every detail is executed with precision and care.

Finding the right team is essential to making the most of your home’s potential — and enjoying the process along the way.

Learn about the values that drive us below.

Suzy Cihak

Senior Designer

With a degree in Interior Design and extensive experience working in the field, Suzy is an integral part of our design team. A fiercely passionate and thoughtful designer, Suzy loves creating beautiful spaces and stunning presentations that help clients visualize what’s possible. She has completed her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies and uses her new found knowledge to foster sustainable design practices within the firm. She values outdoor experiences and enjoys hiking, biking and running with her husband.

Pratiksha Tandon

Senior Designer

Armed with a formal degree in Architecture, Pratiksha brings to the table, more than a decade of diverse design experience working with firms in India and across the US. Her creative vision is deeply rooted in experiences gained from living in different cultures, global travel, and engaging with clients of varying design preferences. She is passionate about crafting functional and timeless spaces that are beautiful. When she is not designing, her heart lies in moments spent with family and close friends. A self-proclaimed food enthusiast, she relishes the thrill of exploring new restaurants and exciting cuisines.

Rosanne Quicho

Junior Designer

As Junior Designer, Rosanne is the newest addition to our team. With a degree in Interior Design, she comes to us with the tools under her belt. She assists the design team on all aspects of design, and is a whizz at elevating our plans in Sketch Up so we’re all able to visualize them. Along with her job at PDC, she is a busy mom of 4 kids and is a reservist for the army. She loves the camaraderie, challenge and discipline it brings to her life. We at PDC, enjoy having her and don’t mind sharing her with the country. Thank you for your service Rosanne!

Our Core Values

We adore artisan made

We know the best pieces have a history. That’s why we always infuse a rich collection of vintage, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind pieces into your home. For a warm, layered design that belongs to no one else. 

We insist on a comprehensive approach

The details are never just details. Together, textures, patterns, and colors tell the story of you and your custom home. We consider every design choice as part of a larger whole — for a cohesive feeling from room to room and a signature style all your own.

We’re rooted in authenticity

Though each project is unique due to project locations, circumstances and client needs & desires, our work is identifiable. Each space exudes our signature warm, layered style, yet always from a new vantage point. We strive to constantly learn and grow, stretching ourselves to create spaces we haven’t seen before.

We believe in the power of good design

And you do, too. Intuitively, you understand the difference — can feel the difference — when you’re in an artfully-designed environment. That’s why we’re relentless in our work: sourcing and mixing high-and-low-end pieces for elegant, laid-back spaces that feel effortlessly collected and expertly curated. Spaces that feel like home.

We know good things take time

Finding that perfect vintage rug or a statement piece of artwork? It doesn’t always come instantly. While we set clear project timelines at the onset, and do our best to uphold them, we know the best things sometimes take a little extra patience. We won’t compromise on the details, and we don’t mind waiting a bit to get the final touches just right.