Menlo Modern Mediterranean

Mirroring its owner's attributes, this home is stylish, layered and quietly elegant

Menlo Park, CA

Meeting at our local zumba dance class, this homeowner and I became fast friends — so I was thrilled when approached to work on their family home in Menlo Park. Each zone was designed with a clear goal in mind, and creative space planning allowed us to dramatically expand the home’s functionality without altering the footprint.

A cosmetic kitchen upgrade includes a custom bar area with wine storage, plus extra seating to chat over a glass of rosé. We fully reimagined and furnished multiple living spaces, creating elegant-yet-casual zones for family gatherings and entertaining. Finally, a functional, flexible home office leverages a custom rounded desk to allow multiple team members to work simultaneously.

All in all, this home’s layered, eclectic style creates a warm welcome for guests, with plenty of cozy spots to linger and connect. Stay tuned for next year, where we’ll be tackling the entire primary bedroom, closet, and ensuite bathroom.


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PhotographerBrad Knipstein

StylingYedda Morrison