SF Decorator Showcase 2024

A delicate balance between classic aesthetics and contemporary minimalism.

San Francisco, CA

As I entered the primary suite and gazed upon the breathtaking view, my heart skipped a beat. It is not often that one can simultaneously take in the Golden Gate Bridge and the serene Palace of Fine Arts. Our design intent was to offer a modern reinterpretation of its Greek and Roman romanticism, achieving a delicate balance between classic aesthetics and contemporary minimalism.

Modern furnishings introduce a contemporary edge, while classic paneling grounds the design. The room is adorned with custom, neutral-toned wallpaper. Handpainted vertical lines allude to abstract columns. The falling branches, leaves, and flowers, subtly evoke the picturesque vista beyond. Bespoke furnishings, curved forms, and organic shapes elicit comfort, luxury, and exude sumptuousness.

The breathtaking view that unfolds outside is echoed within the en-suite bathroom where contrasting finishes as well as custom and vintage furnishings converge to craft an atmosphere of intentional beauty and style. The centerpiece, a terracotta-colored concrete tub, is framed by a sleek glass and metal wing wall—a modern nod to the classic grandeur of the Palace of Fine Arts. Walls cloaked in espresso-colored plaster exude a rich, earthy warmth, setting a luxurious backdrop. Murano sconces and mirrors found at the Paris Flea Market add a touch of shimmer. Every soak is an indulgence in this tranquil space.

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