Bespoke furnishings, art and saturated color sets the tone in this Hillborough home.

Hillsborough, CA

Initially, we were tasked with furnishing a few rooms in a Craftsman home in Hillsborough. However, after presenting our initial concepts, the clients were so impressed that they canceled their pre-ordered furniture for the dining room and primary bedroom, expanding the project's scope.

We proposed a bold, all-encompassing deep blue hue for the walls, ceiling, and cabinetry. Trusting our vision, the clients encouraged us to be fearless, and we delivered. One standout piece was a custom-designed wood and metal display shelf crafted from a dramatic slab of salvaged Claro Walnut, which they absolutely loved. The more innovative and daring our designs, the more they loved them. 

Throughout the process, we ensured that every choice was within budget while creating spaces perfect for both living and entertaining.


California Home + Design


PhotographerBrad Knipstein

StylistAllegrah Hsiao